Efficiency/Resources Calculator

Significant cost savings can be made by the power supply user, if they decide to upgrade/replace their current power supplies to high efficiency power supplies. The EPSMA has provided this calculator which allows you to calculate the payback time on upgrading your power supplies and the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by doing so.

To calculate the possible savings that can be made with high efficiency power supplies, please complete the sections of the calculator with an asterisk * and press the calculate button.


* Enter converter load power Watts
* Enter number of powered hours per day Hours
* Enter converter efficiency %
* Enter your cost of electricity per kWHr £/$/Euros

Cost of powering load converter per year £/$/Euros

Carbon dioxide emission of converter per year at 0.523kg/kWHr


* Enter new converter efficiency %
* Enter purchase cost of new converter £/$/Euros

Cost savings per year of new converter £/$/Euros
Payback time for new converter weeks
Carbon dioxide saved per year kg

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