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  -  February management committee      meeting

  -  Website changes

  -  EPSMA applies to CENELEC to be a      ‘liaison’ organisation

  -  EPSMA to present to PSMA at      APEC

  -  Nextys and Bel Power join EPSMA      management committee

  -  Latest EPSMA white paper high in      search engine rankings

  -  Linked in forum set up for EPSMA      members

  -  Secretariat to set up database of      observed safety agency      infringements

Members’ newsletter Winter 2016

Notes from the Secretariat

Welcome to the first issue of the EPSMA members’ newsletter! The intention is to publish quarterly shortly after each management committee meeting to give members an easily digestible summary of news and activities from the EPSMA.

Part of the benefit of being a member of the EPSMA is free promotion of products and services from members so please ask your PR departments to send any copy you would like to see featured on the website.

Additionally, the website features job vacancies so please ask your HR departments to copy me with any details. As this feature is used more, it will get more traffic and become more useful still.

Any comments, suggestions and information to:

  Upcoming events:

  -  APEC long beach california -  March      20th - 24th

  -  7th International Rechargeable      Battery Expo Date:  Mar 2, 2016 -      Mar 4, Tokyo

  -  CIPS 2016 International Conference      on Integrated Power Electronics      Systems  Mar 8, 2016 - Mar 10,      Nuremberg

  -  Energy Storage Europe Mar 15,      Dusseldorf

  -  Next Generation 2016 Energy      Storage Apr 18 Apr 20 San Diego

  -  2016 IET 8th International      Conference on Power Electronics,      Machines and Drives (PEMD) Apr 19,      Apr 21 Glasgow

  -  Battery Day NRW + Advanced      Battery Power Apr 25 - Apr 27      Munster Germany

  -  2016 IEEE/IAS 52nd Industrial and      Commercial Power Systems      Technical Conference (I&CPS)
     May 1, May 5 Detroit, MI

  -  PCIM Europe 2016 May 10 - May 12      Nuremberg

  -  8th International Power Electronics      and Motion Control Conference May      22 - 25 Hefei China

February management committee meeting

The meeting was held at the Murata European headquarters in Hoofddorp in the Netherlands attended by ten members with the Technical Committee chairman Paul Conway joining by teleconference. Foils from the meeting and minutes can be seen in the members’ area of the website. Paul gave an update of the TC activities and various other areas of potential work. The next MC meeting was set for the 10th May at PCIM Nuremberg 1pm to 4pm. Room details to be advised.

Website Changes

The website hosting has now been transferred to a UK company who are also the registrar and webmail provider which should make maintenance easier.
The private members area has all past TC reports, free to members as well as some market statistics and records of meeting minutes. Each member has been emailed with a password. If you need a reminder please email the secretariat. Further passwords can be issued if you wish other members of your organisations to have access. Please do not distribute the members-only reports to the outside world.
Changes are being prototyped to feature logos and text to promote members more prominently. This will be demonstrated at the next MC meeting.

EPSMA applies to CENELEC to be a ‘liaison’ organisation

The EPSMA had a relationship in the past with CENELEC which had lapsed. Application has been made to re-join as a ‘liasion’ organisation which gives us access to and influence over draft legislation which may affect our industry. The intention is to affiliate with CENELEC technical committee CLC/TC22X, ‘Power Electronics’.

EPSMA to present to PSMA at APEC

The EPSMA has been invited to present to the AGM of the PSMA at the upcoming APEC conference in California. Paul lee will do this and give an overview of EPSMA status and acivities. PSMA have also expressed interest in investigating possible collaboration between the organisations.

Nextys and Bel Power join EPSMA management committee

Nextys and Bel Power have expressed interest in joining the management committee of the EPSMA. This was unanimously approved at the MC meeting in February. Marius Ciorica and John Quinlan have been active contributors to the EPSMA and are welcomed to the MC.

Latest EPSMA white paper high in search engine rankings

The important white paper “Accurate Efficiency Measurements” produced by the EPSMA Technical Committee has been widely distributed and appears high in search engine rankings for that title -#2 hit in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Linked in forum set up for EPSMA members

A private group has been set up in ‘Linkedin’ for EPSMA members to use to exchange information and comments relating to the EPSMA. To date 12 members haves signed up. All member email addresses on file have been pre-approved as members who should have received invitations to join. If others in your organisations wish to join, please send their email addresses to the secretariat for inclusion in the approved list.

Secretariat to set up database of observed safety agency infringements

At the last MC meeting it was suggested that the EPSMA could assemble a list of products from non EPSMA members that seem not to comply with necessary standards, particularly relating to safety. The EPSMA could then pass this to safety agencies for action. If any members spot obvious non-compliance of competitor products please send the details to the secretariat.

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