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NDW240 - Market-First Programmable DIN Rail DC/DC Converter

January 19, 2017

Most of the industrial solutions for DC/DC converters are based on an input voltage range and a fixed (or relatively limited) output voltage (e.g. 12, 24, 48Vdc, etc.). This approach generates many models, with all related consequences in terms of inventory, operational limits and cost.

NDW240 introduces a breakthrough concept for the DC/DC converters, following the “all-in-one” strategy that is broadly applied in our products.

NDW240 is a 240W, 3 kV isolated DC/DC converter that can convert any DC voltage 11 to 55V to any DC voltage 5 to 55V, with 10mV resolution, with a load rating of 240W/ max.10A.

The output voltage set-up can be done through the front panel or through a USB interface, operable by Windows or Android systems through our well-known application POWERMASTER.

NDW240 includes an ORing circuitry and various protections. It can be paralleled for power or redundancy.

NDW240 is aimed to replace the NDDxx family of traditional DC/DC converters, offering excellent price / performance ratio and improved features.

NDW240 will be available for sale on Q2/2017.

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