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  -  February Management      Committee meeting

  -  Technical Committee update

  -  Website update

  -  Updates coming for EPSMA
     technical documents

  -  UL-508 transition to UL-61010      concerns

  -  “Accurate Efficiency measurements”      white paper top of the rankings

Members’ newsletter Winter 2016/17

Notes from the Secretariat

Welcome to the winter 2016/17 edition of the EPSMA newsletter.

2017 has started with more global upheaval with the results of the US elections. Along with ‘Brexit’ there could be major implications for trade with European power supply manufacturers. The EPSMA is monitoring events and will work to protect the interests of members.

Please keep a flow of marketing information about your products, news and vacancies coming to the secretariat for placement on the website. It’s free!
Also remember we have a ’Linkedin’ forum for members to use and a data base of UL non-conformances for members to log their observations. Contact the secretariat for more details

As ever, meeting minutes and committee reports are in the members’ area of the website. Contact the secretariat if you need your password re-sending.


  Upcoming events:

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  - ECPE SiC & GaN User Forum:     Potential of Wide Bandgap     Semiconductors in Power Electronic     Applications, Nuremberg 9th March

  - Smart Systems Integration Cork,     Ireland 9th March

  - European Battery, Hybrid and Fuel     Cell Vehicle Congress, Geneva 15th     March

  - 11th Battery Expert Forum     Aschaffenburg, 16th March

  - Energy Storage Europe, Dusseldorf     16th March

  - Interbat 2017, Moscow 23rd March

  - APEC 2017 March 26 - 30 Tampa     Florida

  - Batteries, Fuel Cells Seminar,     London 30th March

  - Battery Show Europe, Stuttgart
    4-6th April

  - International Workshop on Power     Packaging 2017 (IWIPP). Delft 5-7th     April

  - Batteries Seminar, Netherlands 19-     20th April

  - 2017 IEEE Workshop on Electrical     Machines Design, Control and     Diagnosis (WEMDCD), Nottingham     UK 20-21st April

  - EMC in Power Electronics: From     Harmonics to MHz - Design for EMC     and Fast Switching, berlin 3-4th May

  - 6th Israeli Power Sources     Conference, Herzelia 11th May

  - PCIM EUROPE 2017, Nuremberg 16-     18th May

  - 2nd IEEE International Conference     on DC Microgrids (June 27-29, 2017     Nürnberg, Germany)

February management committee meeting

Hosted at Delta offices in Hoofddorp the Netherlands on the 8th February,

nine management committee members attended and were shown great hospitality by Delta. Members were given a tour of the Delta building ‘energy management system’ showcasing technology that saves energy and money.

Technical Committee  

Paul Conway, technical committee chairman, reported good progress with updates to the popular EPSMA technical documents on CE marking and ‘Power Factor Correction’. Work is also being done to extend the scope of the ‘Accurate Efficiency Measurements’ white paper to include 3-phase systems and inverters. The paper is current number 1 hit on Google, Yahoo and Bing when searching for this subject.

The technical committee has noted a new standard published by the US Department of Energy for ‘Energy conservation standards for battery chargers’ . This may adversely affect some EPSMA members and representations to the DOE are being considered. See this page in the members’ area of the website for more details

Website Update

Links to EPSMA members’ recruitment sites have been added.

More information is accumulating on standards and compliance and energy efficiency in the members’ area.

A refresh of the ‘look’ of the website is being considered

UL-508 to UL-61010 transition

EPSMA members have expressed concern about the transition. While
UL-61010 is a more relevant, modern standard, there are some issues which require clarification, particularly the conditions under which power supplies may be allowed to operate at more than 50% loading. Work is to be done to collect a summary of concerns which will be presented to UL on behalf of the EPSMA members.

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