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  -  2018 Q2 MC and TC meetings

  -  Major updates to EPSMA
     technical documents

  -  ‘CE marking’ forum for EPSMA      members

  -  IEC 62368-1 implementation date      moves out to 20/12/2020. MC      considers implications

  - UL to attend EPSMA AGM



Members’ newsletter Summer 2018

   Notes from the Secretariat

Welcome to the Summer 2018 EPSMA newsletter. If you think you missed the spring edition, don’t worry! Calling this edition ‘summer’ aligns it better with the seasons - it certainly feels like summer in the UK with 30+ degrees temperatures.

We had the 2nd quarter MC and TC meetings at PCIM in Nuremberg on the 5th June and both were attended well with guest speakers and member guests. If other members would like to sit in on these meetings you are very welcome to see the activities of your organisation first-hand.

A major landmark for the EPSMA is the release of revisions of popular puiblications below:

“PFC Harmonic Current Emissions - Guide to EN 61000-3-2:2014”

“CE Marking Guidance for power Supplies”

 “Accurate Efficiency Measurements”

The last has been top of the search engine rankings since the first edition was released and the new revision should be more popular still, now covering three-phase systems in detail.

Follow the links to see the documents and supporting tools.

The “PFC guide” and “CE marking” documents have also been significantly updated and expanded. Please have a look and share with colleagues.

Also remember we have a ’Linkedin’ forum for members to use and a data base of UL non-conformances for members to log their observations. Contact the secretariat for more details

We also now have a forum for issues members have with “CE” marking. If you would like to share problems (and resolutions!) With other members, please contact the secretariat with details.

As ever, meeting minutes and committee reports are in the members’ area of the website. Contact the secretariat if you need your password re- sending. The password access system for the website may be changing soon due to the host withdrawing the service. A new system will be in place though and members will be informed of any changes to their log-in credentials.



  Upcoming events:

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  Management Committee meeting 5th June Nuremberg

The meeting was attended by 14 MC members and 3 guests

Concerns about aspects of the transition from UL 508 to IEC 61010 had been raised but communication between Michael Raspotnig of PULS and UL has allayed some fears.

Delay of the transition date from EN 60950-1 to EN 62368-1 was discussed with potential problems with CE marking.

The TC and MC continue to monitor and discuss IEC 61204-7, a standard for performance characteristics of low-voltage power supplies. Although not widely adopted yet, it could become another ‘mandatory’ standard in customer specifications.

Full minutes of the meeting along with links to presentations are available in the members area of the website.

UL have offered to attend the EPSMA AGM in November. MC members discussed how to coordinate questions for and comments to UL before the meeting to make the most impact. A sub-committee is to be set up.

  Technical Committee  

TC members are kept informed of the progress of standards adoption by contacts in the IEC. Members of IEC and CENELEC technical committees provide regular updates to the TC. See TC minutes for more details.

At the TC meeting, Diarmuid Hogan of Excelsys gave a presentation:

“Introduction to IEC62304 –Software Life Cycle Processes for Medical

Device software”

Matti Kulmala of Salcomp gave a presentation:

“Low Power Wireless Charging”.

Armin Wegener of Friwo gave a presentation:

“DALI standard - IEC 62386 Digital Addressable Lighting Interface”

These presentations will be available in the members area of the website soon.

  Next meetings

The next management meeting will be a conference call on the 6th September. The AGM and next TC meeting will be at Electronica 12/13th November

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