Members’ newsletter Summer 2017

  In this Issue:

  -  May Management Committee      meeting

  -  Technical Committee update

  -  Website update

  -  Updates coming for EPSMA
     technical documents

  -  UL-508 transition to UL-61010      concerns

  -  New EPSMA member BOURNS

Members’ newsletter Spring 2017

Notes from the Secretariat

Welcome to the Spring 2017 edition of the EPSMA newsletter.  There is lots of activity in the technical committee to update EPSMA technical documents with ideas for new ones as well. In the next newsletter we should be able to announce their availability.

Please keep a flow of marketing information about your products, news and vacancies coming to the secretariat for placement on the website. It’s free!

Also remember we have a ’Linkedin’ forum for members to use and a data base of UL non-conformances for members to log their observations. Contact the secretariat for more details

As ever, meeting minutes and committee reports are in the members’ area of the website. Contact the secretariat if you need your password re-sending.


  Upcoming events:

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  - 2017 IEEE 3rd International Future      Energy Electronics Conference and E      CCE Asia (IFEEC 2017 - ECCE Asia)      Jun 3-7

  - 3rd Annual World Expo:The      International Exhibition of Electric      and Hybrid Marine Propulsion
     Systems, Technologies, and      Components. Jun 6-8

   - Batteries Seminar Jun 6-7 Le      Bourget Du Lac France

   - 2017 IEEE International Conference      on Environment and Electrical      Engineering and 2017 IEEE      Industrial and Commercial Power      Systems Europe (EEEIC / I&CPS      Europe) Jun 6-9

   - 2017 IEEE Future of Electronic      Power Processing and Conversion      (FEPPCON) South Africa Jun 12-16

   - Advanced Automotive Battery      Conference Detroit Jun 19-23

   - 2017 6th International Youth      Conference on Energy (IYCE) Jun 21-      24 Hungary

   - 2017 IEEE Transportation      Electrification Conference and Expo      (ITEC) Jun 22 - 24 Chicago

   - 2017 IEEE Second International      Conference on DC Microgrids      (ICDCM) Jun 27 -29 Bamberg      Germany

   - Batteries Seminar Karlsteine      Germany Jul 3-4

   - 2017 IEEE 18th Workshop on      Control and Modeling for Power      Electronics (COMPEL) July 9 - 12      Stanford Ca

   - Renewable Iran 2017 Expo and      Conference July 18 - 19 Tehran

   - 2017 International Conference on      SmartRail, Traffice and      Transportation Engineering ICSTTE      2017 July 21-23 Hong Kong

   - 2017 IEEE International Future      Energy Challenge (IFEC) July 24 - 26      Blacksburg VA

    - 2017 IEEE International      Transportation Electrification      Conference and Expo, Asia-Pacific      (ITEC Asia-Pacific 2017)

May Management Committee meeting

We had good attendance at the May MC meeting held at the PCIM show in Nuremberg. Infineon kindly gave us use of one of their meeting rooms for an afternoon, for which we are grateful. The members were also able to enjoy the show which was bigger than ever. Minutes of the meeting and foils are in the website members’ area.

Technical Committee  

The TC met the day before the MC meeting hosted at Siemens offices in Nuremberg whose hospitality was much appreciated.

Particular discussion points were:

The TC was given a presentation by Francesco Di Domenico from Infineon on the subject:

“EV Charging Station Applications (part of the HP SMPS)”

The powerpoint is available in the members’ areas of the website.

Website Update

The website continues to showcase members’ new product introductions and provide information on member job vacancies.

There is an increasing amount of data and news about safety and compliance issues and energy savings initiatives. The EPSMA links with CENELEC are providing data on standards issues worldwide, particularly Europe, China and India.

MC Members have been shown a selection of new website design formats to ‘refresh’ Look out for a new version soon!

EPSMA Document Updates

Look out for updates to EPSMA documents coming soon:

UL-508 to UL-61010 transition

EPSMA member concerns have been summarised in a proposed official letter to UL petitioning for changes. Input has been received from the PSMA in the USA for which we are grateful. The letter is to be circulated again to members before submission.


We are pleased to welcome BOURNS as a full member of the EPSMA bringing our total membership to 22 full members, 2 supplier members and 5 university associate members.

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