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  -  September Management Committee      meeting

  -  Technical Committee update

  -  Updates coming for EPSMA
     technical documents

  -  UL-508 transition to UL-61010      concerns

  -  Adoption of IEC 61204-7 in the US


Members’ newsletter Summer 2017

Notes from the Secretariat

Welcome to the summer 2017 edition of the EPSMA newsletter although the weather is getting distinctly autumnal now.

There has been activity over the last months on standards issues with the EPSMA representing members opinions about transition of UL508 to UL61010 and the UL adoption of IEC 61204 and another new member has joined the EPSMA.

Please keep a flow of marketing information about your products, news and vacancies coming to the secretariat for placement on the website. It’s free!

Also remember we have a ’Linkedin’ forum for members to use and a data base of UL non-conformances for members to log their observations. Contact the secretariat for more details

Monthly updates are continuing to go to members as emails with links to standards information and energy efficiency developments. Hopefully this is useful, any suggestions about content are welcome.

As ever, meeting minutes and committee reports are in the members’ area of the website. Contact the secretariat if you need your password re-sending.

The EPSMA AGM is coming up on Wednesday 8th November hosted by TI in Freising, near Munch. Any members wishing to attend are welcome. Please let the secretariat know as early as possible if you wish to come.


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September Management Committee meeting

The September meeting was a conference call and was very well attended with 17 people on the call. Subjects discussed were:

Technical Committee  

During the summer, further progress has been made with updates to EPSMA publications below with release coming soon:

 ‘Harmonic Current Emissions Guidelines to the standard
 EN 61000-3-2”, (PFC guide)

“CE Marking Guidance for power Supplies”

 “Accurate Efficiency Measurements”

 The next TC meeting will be Tuesday 7th November in Munich


We are pleased to welcome BLOCK TRANSFORMATOREN as a full member of the EPSMA bringing our total membership to 23 full members, 2 supplier members and 5 university associate members.

IEC 61204 adoption in the USA

Lively debate is ongoing in the EPSMA about support for the adoption of
IEC 61204-7 in the US by UL as a general standard for power supply safety. See the latest management meeting minutes in the website members’ area for details of the discussion.

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