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  -  2017 AGM

  -  Technical Committee update

  -  New website look

  -  Updates coming for EPSMA
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  -  IEC 61204-7

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Members’ newsletter Autumn 2017

   Notes from the Secretariat

Welcome to the Autumn 2017 edition of the EPSMA newsletter. The Christmas holiday break is fast approaching and all members are wished a successful and happy new year.

In this edition, we’ll let you know about the topics discussed at the AGM at the TI offices in Freising, Germany held early November.

Please keep a flow of marketing information about your products, news and vacancies coming to the secretariat for placement on the website. It’s free!

Also remember we have a ’Linkedin’ forum for members to use and a data base of UL non-conformances for members to log their observations. Contact the secretariat for more details

As ever, meeting minutes and committee reports are in the members’ area of the website. Contact the secretariat if you need your password re- sending.


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  AGM 8th November

The meeting was attended by 9 members and a guest speaker, Jochen Koszecsha from the European Centre for Power Electronics (ECPE).

Jochen described the makeup and work of the ECPE. The EPSMA management committee will be exploring how we can collaborate with the ECPE in the future.

Management committee members required to step down this year where duly re-elected as were Bernhard Erdl as Chairman and Manfred Schlenk as Vice Chairman.

As Chairman, Bernhard Erdl gave an address and commented on the EPSMA activities during the year. He gave particular thanks to the members of the technical committee for their efforts. The TC members are listed in this newsletter as a ‘roll of honour’.

The secretariat gave an update on membership (two new members 2017) and finances, reporting a stable position.

Vlad Grigore of Efore gave a presentation about the latest activities of the EPSMA technical committee with details below.

Members discussed a new ‘look’ for the website which has now been implemented. Feedback is welcomed. Website traffic statistics were presented.

Clemens Klemm of Siemens gave a presentation about the standard: IEC 61204-7 and its future adoption by industry and test houses. The meeting discussed and debated the effect that this might have on member companies.

The meeting discussed in detail the next potential projects for the Technical Committee to undertake and their priorities. Evaluating new standards and their differences was seen as important.

Full minutes of the AGM along with links to presentations are available in the members area of the website.

Technical Committee  

Updates to publications below are still in progress but nearly finished:

 ‘Harmonic Current Emissions Guidelines to the standard
 EN 61000-3-2”, (PFC guide)

“CE Marking Guidance for power Supplies”

 “Accurate Efficiency Measurements”

The technical committee keeps a ‘watch’ on new developments in the industry and gives feedback to the management committee about potential new studies to be undertaken and publications to be issued.

Next meetings

Management committee meeting at Puls HQ in Munich 15th March - Guests welcome!

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  Your Management Committee   members

    Bernhard Erdl                - Puls,     Chairman

    Manfred Schlenk           - Infineon     
    Vice Chairman

    Dave Connett                - TDK EPCOS

    Hannes Schachenmayr - Vicor

    Vlad Grigore                   - Efore

    Allesandro Leopardi       - Efore

    Andreas Hoischen         - Delta

    Miro Adzan                    - TI

    Frank Vondenhoff         - Bel Power

    Marius Ciorica               - Nextys

    Mathias Emsermann     - Phoenix

    Scott Parish                  - Murata

    Thorsten Herbert          - Siemens

    Shane Callahagn           -Excelsys

    Paul Lee                        - Secretariat

  Your Technical Committee   members

    Armin Wegener               - Friwo    

    Bernhard Grub                - XP

    Christian Hoesch             - Siemens

    Clemens Klemm             - Siemens

    Diarmuid Hogan              - Excelsys

    Dave Collins                    - Artesyn

    Dominique Hessman      - Delta

    Esa Vakevainen              - Murrelektronik

    Francesco Di Dominico   - Infineon

    Hubert Schoenenberger - Puls

    Matti Kulmala                 - Salcomp

    Milos Luptak                   - Bel Power

    Vlad Grigore                   - Efore

    Paul Conway                  - TC Chairman

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