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  -  2020 Q3 MC meeting

  -  New EPSMA publications to be issued      shortly

  -  Paul Conway retires as TC chairman,      Vlad Grigore takes over




EPSMA Newsletter Autumn 2020

   Notes from the Secretariat

Welcome to the Autumn 2020 EPSMA newsletter. The recent conference call MC meeting was again well attended with useful discussions, particularly about regulatory issues in the US and China that are affecting EPSMA members.

At the meeting we said goodbye to our TC Chairman Paul Conway who has been associated with the EPSMA for 19 years, serving as the Technical Committee Chairman for the last 8½ years. The MC thanked Paul for his thorough work and leadership and wished him well for the future.

Vlad Grigore of Efore takes on the role of TC Chairman and will be working with Paul Conway and Paul Lee over the next weeks to ensure a smooth transition.

     Q3 2020 MC meeting

The Q3/20 management committee meeting was held on Tuesday 8th Sept as a conference call kindly hosted by PULS. Minutes and meeting slides are in the members’ area of the website.

As usual, Paul Lee, for the secretariat, gave members an update on membership numbers, website developments, Brexit implications and EPSMA finance.

Paul Conway reported on the work of the Technical Committee.

The MC approved the document “Embedded software verification and validation in power supplies” for immediate release as a ‘members only’ publication, but a press release will be prepared with a synopsis available for public viewing.

Similarly, document “Guidelines for lifetime specification of power converters” will be released shortly as ‘members only’ after some final edits.

The MC unanimously thanked the TC, particularly the report authors, for their efforts in writing these valuable reports. It is hoped that a new program of work can be approved at the next MC meeting and suggestions for topics are encouraged from all members.

The meeting discussed continuing concerns that the US market resists acceptance of safety marking other than UL. The effect of an upcoming regulation in China was also discussed where CCC marking will become mandatory on 1st October for power supplies already ATEX certified.

The next MC meeting and AGM would normally be held at Electronica in Munich but the show is now cancelled, so the meeting will be a conference call, provisionally on Tuesday 10th November. All members are invited to call in and details will be circulated nearer the date.

The next TC meeting would also normally be at Electronica in Munich. This will now be a conference call, probably on the 9th November.    


We have a ’Linkedin’ forum for members to use and a data base of UL non-conformances for members to log their observations. Contact the secretariat for more details.

    CE Marking Issues forum

Remember we have a forum for issues members have with “CE” marking. If you would like to share problems (and resolutions!) With other members, please contact the secretariat with details.


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